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Escrow Fees - 19 March 2019

Standard Agreement

For parties using our standard agreement (pdf / word) the pricing is as follows:

Setup $Nil
Annual Fee$900 plus GST1) per annum payable in advance plus if more than 4 DVD/CD/Hard Disk/USB Key/Electronic Deposits are held an additional fee of $150 plus GST per DVD/CD/Hard Disk/USB Keys/Electronic Deposit per annum is payable. For unlimited deposits the Annual Fee is $1,500+GST per annum payable in advance
Release Fee$Nil


For parties using our reseller agreement the pricing is as follows:

Facility Fee$1,500 plus GST2) per annum payable in advance commencing on execution of this Agreement. This fee includes unlimited DVD/CD/Electronic Deposits
Customer Fee$100 plus GST per annum per Customer (up to 20 customers) calculated on the anniversary of the Agreement Date. No further fees apply for in excess of 20 customers.
Release Fee$500 upon receipt of each request to release or destroy the Escrow Materials.

Your own customised Agreement?

For pricing for different agreements please email us for a quote.

Please note that a quote is usually provided within a few hours on a business day.

Government Escrow Agreements

If you are interested in a government escrow agreement then pricing for that service can be found here


If you are interested in verification then click here for a description of that service and the pricing for that service

1) , 2) Discounts are available for terms longer than one year with fees still paid annually. Please send us an email for a quote

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