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Many of our customers do not require verification of the software source code and associated materials which are delivered to us. They rely upon the developer's integrity supported by a contractually enforceable right to approach a Court and seek an order for, amongst other things, specific performance of the developer's or the administrator's obligation to deliver up a copy of the Software source code and associated materials either based on the escrow agreement or the master agreement.

However, some customers prefer further steps to be taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the materials deposited with us.

The first question to consider is what suits your level of risk.

Some Customers verify the material themselves in the presence of the Developer to ensure they know what is deposited and then supervise the material being deposited with us.

Other Customers require us to verify that the media supplied has no errors or password protection and or the checksum matches that used by the Developer when the material was packaged.

Sometimes, we are asked to go further and verify that we can build an executable which matches that used by the Customer.

In the case of SaaS we also provide a service whereby we logon and verify that all supplied userids and passwords are working. We can also provide other SaaS verification services.

To find our more about our services and pricing please click here

If you have any particular needs with respect to verification please contact us.

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